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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Here is where I am going to upload my stats once a month to track my progress.

Height: 5ft 7.5 inches
Starting Weight: 19.04.12: 16 stones 3lbs (228.2 lb)

All measurements are in cm.

Aug 2012 - Started Cambridge Diet plan and the consultants scales weighed me in at 16st 8lbs wheras my scales still say 16.1stone! So I am sticking with my scales! lol. Weight loss in first week was 6lbs so I am now down to 15st 9lbs.
May 2012 - Overall I am down 5 cm in the last month but I wont lie I am a little dissapointed with the stats as I feel my trousers are looser so its coming off elsewhere but not where I have measured. My body shape is changing which is why I have gained cm in some areas. Bit confused about my neck increasing by 2cm as I only have two chins now! lol Weight: 16st (225lb) 3lbs off.

On a positive note though I am still reducing in size overall so I must stay focused, paitent and motivated. Weight: 16st 3lbs (228.2lb)

Apr 2012 - Down 12.5cm all over since Oct 2011 which is better than nothing - lets hope CrossFit kicks butt! I am very pleased about 5cm around my waist, that means my hourglass figure is slowly coming back! Weight: 16st 3lbs (228.2lb)

Oct 2011 - see below.

Overall since oct
Widest Part125.5125.5123-1.5

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  1. You go girl - it is all going in the right direction :-)