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Saturday, 7 April 2012


Monday 2nd April 2012 - The appointment was booked and the day seemed long. I arranged to meet Andrew the owner/trainer for the induction. This is where you have to learn the techniques for using certain pieces of equipment to avoid injury. Whenever I have had an induction in the past it has always been to show me how to set a machine for weight and reps. This time it was how to hold an olympic weight bar (using a plastic pipe at first - otherwise I would have been really put off), two other newbies joined us they were both blokes. Seems like a lack of ladies doing Crossfit but I hope that will change!

At first when Andrew started talking I just kept thinking "I cant do this, its too hard" you know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you just want to run fast out of somewhere. It was not the enviroment or the people it was ME I did not know if I had what it takes! I used my stupid silly sense of humour to pull me through it. I tend to make silly jokes or talk too much when I am nervous. One of the hardest things we had to do (or at least tough for me) was to jump on a box, yes I know "a box" but let me tell you the box was about 2.5ft high (it felt about 5ft high) I had a mental block I just could not jump on the poxy box. Andrew (not sure if I can call him Andy yet! I am too polite!) explained that everything is scalable so if I could not do it yet it was fine, he proceeded to set me up with some large weights piled on top of each other to build my confidence, I jumped the first two (like a 90 yr old) and then he placed another then another so I finished the night jumping a height about 6cm off the box height. Funny, before I left I had this mad urge to go and jump the box but we were all talking so I left it for another day.

The induction lasted for about 2.5 hours and we finished off by Andrew showing us the Crossfit 2011 Games held in the US, very inspiring but cant say I will be up for competing just yet. Left on a high though felt like I could take the next step and go to an actual class! Matt said I came home very positive and he has a good feeling about this new exercise journey!

1-2 days after induction I ached like hell, I forgot when we were put into the lifting positions we were squating the whole time. Climbing stairs at work was tough for two whole days! Cant believed how much I ached as it felt like we hardly did any actual exercise! I am seriously unfit!


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