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Sunday, 29 April 2012

CrossFit - Week of the Box - April 2012

I DID IT!!!!!!

I did what, you ask? I cant keep it a secret till later in the Blog! Finally after 6 sessions at CrossFit I finally managed to jump on the wooden 20" box. To loads of people this is NOTHING but to me it is EVERYTHING. It is an example of an obstacle I have managed to overcome. Since the first CrossFit session I have looked and attempted to jump on the box but a lack of fitness and sheer fear I just could not do it.......but now I have and everything seems that little bit different. I now feel like I have moved up a step in my journey. When you face a fear (small or large) and you overcome it the sense of pride is enormous, you gain a little bit more freedom towards a new life! 

I am now on a high from just jumping a box!

Wednesday 25th April

Really starting to enjoy the classes now in a more "come on" kind of way whereas before it was more "oh god". Today was the first time I felt a bit more fitter, I did a burpee and rather than looking an OAP trying to break dance I did something that resembled a burpee (I think after now jumping the box I might start working on completing an amazing looking burpee!). Also really getting to know the guys and gals and enjoying meeting new members and telling them its all ok. Completely forgot to jot down my WOD for today but one thing I do distinctly remember is that one of the exercises was to pull your lower body up the rope. So we grabbed the rope as high up as possible (so you are on tip toes) and then bring your knees up to your chest! Yes you read right ROPE - just like back in school - I could not do it back then and I could not do it tonight, instead to build up my abs and strength Andy gave me all alternative exercise of laying on the floor holding the rack above my head and then bringing my knees into my chest, can I just tell you that my abs ached for 3 days and hurt every time I tried to laugh or cough! Another challenge for later - climb the rope!

Saturday 28th April  

Saturday is my favourite class for a number of reasons: firstly because it is my ideal time to exercise 11am (its changing to 9am as of Monday!), secondly, it really sets me up for the day and lastly everyone is always in a great mood and ready for the workout! Today's workout started a little confusing as we were split into two teams and had the attached (see pic) tasks to complete as a team, the confusing thing was that we had to work out what each person was going to do, it took us a while! lol I opted to row and do the box jumps (although I did do 20 burpees too). Whilst the rest of the guys spilt the rest of the exercises between them. There were only 4 of us so to our delight Andy said he would join our team (you know you have a chance when the head coach joins your team). We pushed hard and by the time I had rowed 1000m I was already knackered somehow though I always seem to find the energy to move on when there are others involved as you never want to be the one to let the team down and guess what....our team won! Not used to being on winning teams but I liked it a lot! So in the end I rowed 2000m, did 30 box jumps (step ups) and 20 burpees all in 16 minutes!

I walked out with a VERY red face and sat at the traffic lights on the way home wondering if the person in the car next to me as just worked as hard! I could not wait to get home and tell Matt that I had finally jumped the "BOX" Matt was so pleased for me and got the tape measure out to show my brother exactly how high that is (thanks Matt). Next week I think I may try TWO box jumps in a row!!

Check me out!

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