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Monday, 9 April 2012


Friday 6th April 2012

So the induction was done I had to take the next big step which was to actually turn up (and take part) in a class. After aching for two days just from the induction I thought I would have to take a week off work after a class to recover! Luckily it was the Easter Weekend approaching so I booked in for a 9am class. I must admit I was actually quite an eager beaver, the sun was shining and there was a real fresh start feeling in the air. I had woken up in a positive mood and I was ready for the pain (I mean session)!

I arrived to find a large handful of blokes and ladies (4 ladies in total) all different shapes, sizes and ages. No-one was stand off-ish, no-one looked me up and down it was all smiles, polite hello's and an immediate welcoming to the Crossfit family. A rather different feeling than when you join a new gym as I have found that no-one even bothers with you, a bit like your neighbours when you have lived next to them for 10 years but you only say "hello" very 2 months (or when the sun comes out).

Andrew starts writing the session activities on the board, there was a "warm up" exercise (which looked so exhausting that I was still stuck on the first line of 150m rowing) then he wrote up the main session activities. I was knackered just reading the board but then I looked around the room and thought to myself "I bet every single person here feels the same" I am just the nervous idiot that has to make silly comments. I do have this annoying habit of being too "real" sometimes but hey I am a people's person so I am not going to apologise!

Andrew puts us into teams of 4, cranks the music up (I loved that bit) and then starts the clock the warm up session had started and I had to wait for the signal to do my bit! We were last but what did my team expect drawing the short straw by teaming up with me? We were only about 15 minutes into the session and I could already feel the heat radiating off my face (I made sure I stayed well away from the mirrors).

The main event was next, we were given exercises to get through as a team and the team who won got a free week away in an isolated villa in Corfu - ok so that is not the truth but it got you exicted right? Bit of a cliche but there were no winners as I found the whole thing very team orientated and motivating. I was shattered and felt heavy, fat and unfit but I certainly did not have the feeling of giving up and never coming back instead I looked at the really fit people and thought "one day that will be me".

I walked away looking like a Ribena berry but was buzzing with endorphines and again did not stop talking about it when I got home. 

Its now Sunday 8th April and again I have ached for two days now but I feel like I have already started the transformation and I actually cant wait to go back!

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