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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Summer Update 2013

Hey everyone

Its nice to be back writing again! Life has been busy over the last few months, my workload has increased both at work and at home which makes time for exercise and diet even more of a pressure!

Since my last update in April 2013 I have managed to keep my weight down by exercising during my lunch hour and the good news is that my measurements have seen a decrease! woo hoo! I had to stop doing the Cambridge plan as my friendly gut bacteria was low causing all sorts of complications.

I managed to get away this year to Italy with work (Lago Maggiore) and Menorca for some rest and relaxation although I found it extremely difficult to stay on track with food but luckily we had a pool to burn off the extra calories.

I still have 2.5 stones to lose so I decided to have a rethink and try something new, that's when I came across juicing. It was through a conversation with a friend in Italy, he totally recommended that I try it, he was totally impressed after visiting a retreat in Turkey where he juiced for 7 days. After some investigation on the Internet I purchased a 2nd hand juicer from EBay, borrowed a blender from a friend and spent about £70 on ingredients which included fruit, veg and a load of supplements from the health shop.

After completing 7 days on the Juicemaster Plan I felt totally amazing, never did I think about the effect food can have on your mood, I felt clean on the inside and I was 7 pounds lighter. It was a wonderful experience and one I am soon to repeat.

This time though I am going to be doing it differently, I am going to be trialling a 3 day juice detox which is delivered to your front door, so no cutting up of fruit and veg, no cleaning the juicer every 5 mins and the best bit no shopping for your ingredients.

Keep an eye out on my next few posts as they will be all about the exiting benefits of juicing with the www.juicetou.com plan.

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