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Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring (or lack of) 2013

Hi all

Its been a few months since I uploaded a new post but I thought I would update you all of where I am now in my journey. Its been almost 6 months now since I started the Cambridge diet and in total I am still at 36 pound weight loss, I could have done more but I relaxed over December and January and put on 6 pounds, it then took me untill end of March to lose those 6 pounds! Currently I have just had another 2 weeks off the diet as I was unwell with a virus so today Monday 8th April 2013 I have started again and are calling it Day 1 of Round 2!

I am currently reading a book called "100 ways to motivate yourself" and I am finding it a really great read, simple but very thought provoking!

Apparently successful people plan ahead so I have taken inspiration from this and have actually written down my goals. For this part of my journey I would like to lose a further 28 pounds so I have broken this down into smaller more achievable goals. From a motivation perspective this makes me feel more in control and less overwhelmed by how many pounds I have left to lose.

So the plan is to get back onto the Cambridge stage 2 and shift the 28 pounds by July as I now have two events which I would like to work towards.  A potential holiday in Italy at the end of June and a booked holiday in Menorca at the end of July and I sure as hell don't want to be fat and wobbly on the beach this year! The first few days are always tough on the Cambridge as you are withdrawing from sugar, wheat and bad carbs but I should start to feel good again on day 4. My next weigh in will be on April 17th 2013 so I will let you all know how I get on!

Another thing to note that I am coming up to my first year anniversary since starting Crossfit and I still love it!!!!! I have not been loads recently as I have been unwell but I have booked in twice this week so I can feel the burn again, I have also started walking at lunchtimes for between 10-40 mins dependant upon how busy I am, but even just getting out for some fresh air for 10 mins helps!

p.s More recent pics to be posted soon xxx

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