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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Update Xmas 2012

Hi everyone

I'm so sorry I have been terrible with writing my blog recently - I give myself far too many things to do!

So where am I now?

Well I am 35 pounds lighter!!! I feel so much better and look so much better. One of my goal's was to be able to fit into a ballgown I had made in 2008 and guess what........I did it!. It was tight and I felt uncomfortable after eating my Christmas dinner but I am so pleased I got back into the dress!

I am still on the Cambridge Plan, although I have given myself some days off over Xmas, I put on 4 pounds but have lost a couple since but that's Xmas for you, I would say Xmas is the most difficult time of year to lose weight but I have managed to curb the cravings and reduce the food intake even though it has taken 3 days!

What's next for 2013?

Well I have a few targets set for 2013, I want to be able to wear a bikini again and I would like to get into a size 12 dress and I also really want to become a Cambridge Consultant and help others to lose weight.

In total I would love to lose another 3 stone (35 pounds). I plan to do this by continuing the Cambridge Plan plus continuing my CrossFit that I still love very much.

I'm excited to continue in 2013..............i'll be back!

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