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Monday, 10 September 2012

Cambridge Weight Plan Days 15-21

Week 3 Days 15-21

Still following Stage 2 which is 810 calories daily, this week I had decided to return to exercise so on Day 18 I had my usual porridge in the morning, soup at lunch, shake at 3pm but then I had one of the Cambridge weight plan chocolate bars at 5pm ready for my exercise session at 18.30. My coach at CrossFit is great and scaled the routine down for me as 1000 calories for the day is not ideal to complete a CrossFit session but I am determined not to let my fitness decline as I have already had two weeks off. The session was great I had no dizzy spells and felt I had done just the right amount of exercise without going overboard. I did feel a little more peckish this week and I am putting that down to be due on my period so on two occasions during the week I added a boiled egg to lunch which took the edge of the hunger. The rest of the week remained the same and I enjoyed following some of the recipes from the Cambridge book (see pic of Chinese chicken noodle). I have weighed on my scales just for a sense check and have gone down a few pounds but my official weigh-in is on Tuesday 11th Sept so I will let you all know how I get.

The toughest part of this week was defiantly taking my son to a birthday party and having to watch everyone eat jelly, ice-cream, cakes, crisps, sweets, sausage rolls and so on.  Joshua even got covered in cup cake which I had to touch but I resisted even licking my fingers! Tough but I managed to stay angelic! I am enjoying the fact my clothes are looser!

Roll on weigh in day!!


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