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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cambridge Diet Plan - Week 2 days 7-14

Week 2 Days 7 – 14

Nothing has changed with my eating habits since the first week, I am still on stage 2 of the Cambridge plan which consists of 3 products (porridge/soup/shake) plus a main meal of an evening and an allowance of ¾ pint of skimmed milk. If I have felt hungry at any time I pre-prepared some celery and cucumber sticks which I munch on during the day.  I am still drinking 2 litres of water a day plus I have a few herbal teas and coffee so that is more water I am drinking. The only side effect I have experienced is constipation but then if not much is going in then I don't expect much to come out! I have Senkot at the ready.

Weigh-in 2 (Day 12)

The good news is that I weighed in again on day 12 which was a few days earlier but my consultant Val is on holiday this week. So after a further 5 days I had a weight loss of 4lbs. That is a total of 10lbs in 12 days, I am really pleased with this and starting to notice the difference in my clothes, others are also starting to notice.

The things you need to remember when doing this plan:

1.       There is NO point following this diet if you are NOT going to ease yourself back into healthy eating. Your calorie intake has to be increased slowly over a period of time. You will put the weight straight back on if you lose a stone or more and then immediately go back to your old ways of unhealthy eating.

2.       If you get really desperate to eat NEVER GIVE UP just have an extra porridge/shake/soup or some protein i.e. egg, chicken, soya to fill you up – stick to the plan as much as possible.

3.      Your appetite will decrease, I don’t find myself hungry at all at the moment.

4.  Be creative with the foods you can eat for your main meal - I will be uploading some recipes next week which I have made up. You are allowed herbs and spices so use them!!

My next weigh-in is now not for 10 days until my consultant returns so fingers crossed it is good news.

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