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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 2 of JuiceToU

Hi everyone

Day 2 of my detox arrived and what a wonderful day outside it was the sun was shining and the tunes on the radio this morning were pumping!

I woke up this morning with a slightly flatter stomach and felt good. Last time I did a 7 day detox it took till day 4 before I felt this good so my body must be getting used to detoxing. Some people I know who have juiced before wake up feeling quite weak and nauseous on day 2 so if anyone feels like that have a warm herbal tea with lemon in before your juice. Because I have a food addition (read my previous posts) it’s always a wonderful feeling for me when I feel in control of my compulsion to eat unhealthy food because if I can deal with the cravings during a detox then it enables me to deal with them on a normal day, I find the cravings a challenge because I know the detox will only last 3 days and then I can get back onto eating healthy.

So 4 juices again to drink today and the flavours are exactly the same as yesterday:

Juice 1 - Clean Green still can’t say I am in love with the taste but then with all the sweetness I have had recently it does not surprise me that I find it so different!

Juice 2 – Let’s Glow went down pretty quickly as I find this one quite zesty.

Juice 3 – Clean Green, can’t believe I nearly missed this juice today due to being engrossed in work! Rare thing for me to miss eating/drinking.

Juice 4 -  Very Berry - did not leave work till late so had to drink this on the way home in the car at 7.30pm by which time I was ratty, hungry and gave in to a carrot stick in the fridge :( note to self - try and stick to the times recommended on the bottle!

Times I felt hungry today: Twice so I had at least 3 extra herbal teas today. Blueberry tea is actually really nice but going to bed early helps! Drank my 2 litres of water and must have visited the toilet for a no1 about 20 times (I bet that's why you lose weight! lol)

Side effects: None.

I also exercised today with the girls at lunchtime but I did not overdo and I felt completely normal, no light headiness or fatigue.

What I find astonishing is other people’s reactions to juicing. There has been a real mix of opinions on juicing in my office/home life, some think I am completely bonkers (although no one says I don’t need to! lol) others are really encouraging and like to see me as the guinea pig before they embark on the challenge. A lot of people think juicing is faddy or stupid, there is a real misconception out there that juicing is literally just drinking fruit juice that you buy off the shelf in the supermarket, they don’t realise the amount of different fruits/veg that go into each juice. The only real thing that you miss whilst juicing is chewing.

Most of the sensations you feel whilst juicing are the withdrawal symptoms from what you regularly eat so if you have a poor diet full of sugar and bad carbs you will probably suffer more with withdrawals than someone who eats quite healthily, I would say that generally I eat quite well with the odd treat every couple of weeks, I had been juicing every morning for the last couple of weeks before embarking on this plan and if there is anything I have learnt from the JuiceToU plan is that I am guilty of putting far too many high sugar fruits in my juices, however I am still a great believer in adding more pineapple to my diet than a McDonald's or chocolate bar!

Last day tomorrow - think I will miss all the attention! ;)

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