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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Results of my JuiceToU Detox

My Results

So I finally finished my JuiceToU detox and could not wait to get up this morning to jump on the scales and to my utter delight I had lost 4 pounds (2kg) over the last 3 days plus 3cm off my waist and I noticed how nicer my skin looks.

I am pleased with my results and even more proud of myself for the amount of willpower I asserted at the chocolate facial party I attended. I ate a few carrots and a bit of cucumber but if you saw what was on offer you too would be proud.

So in summary........

Juicing is NOT easy, it takes determination and willpower but EVERYONE can do it! I see willpower as a muscle which needs to be challenged to become stronger, the more you exert it the stronger it will become.

I have enjoyed my three days JuiceToU detox and will definitely be returning to JuiceToU to provide me with with another detox later this year. I think detoxing is a great thing to do every couple of months not only to give your digestive system a break, boost your intake of vitamins and nutrients but also to make us think about the quality and quantity of food that we consume, it can also be a time to reflect and refocus on continuing a healthy lifestyle.

Juicing rocks!! 

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