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Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 3 of my JuiceToU Detox

Day 3

The last day on my JuiceToU detox has arrived and I can’t say it’s been horrible, I feel slimmer but most of all I feel healthy. I can actually pull my stomach in tight like I used to when I was a kid, there is still a fat belly there but its going to take more than 3 days to sort that out! lol

My working day actually went fast due to being busy so I did not really think much about food during the day although one of my colleagues at work insisted on reading a dinner menu out loud which made my mouth water. I also had to pop to the garden centre on my way home which has a gorgeous farm style shop there and loads of homemade cakes.

Ive just drunk my last Berry Good juice which is my favourite of the 4 and I'm ready to go to sleep so I can wake up to a healthy small breakfast in the morning, but no I still have my biggest challenge ahead of me tonight in the form of a chocolate facial party!!! rarrrggghhh You don't eat the chocolate on your face but the host has prepared cup cakes and other naughty chocolate delights plus purchased a few bottles of chilled wine. How on earth am I going to resist? I plan on taking some bits home and sharing them with the family over the weekend. I cannot let myself down after my 3 day achievement so I am just going to have to use the most amount of willpower EVER!

Exercise today - I did an ab workout with the girls and had no problems with dizziness etc.

Side Effects - nothing major to report but I did have a few little black dots over my eyes first thing this morning but it disappeared after 20 mins, lack of food can effect your eyesight so its worth noting but it was nothing to worry about.

Times I felt hungry today: I have to be honest and say that after I left work I felt ravenous and gave in again to a couple of carrot sticks and a bit of celery - no one said it would be easy but at least I ate some vegetables rather than a mars bar!

So tomorrow morning is weigh-in day and I am hoping for at least 3 pounds off.........only time will tell.......see you in the morning!

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