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Monday, 28 May 2012

Right lets tackle this thing called FOOD

Last two weeks!
I was excited all week to attend the Barefoot Coconut workshop on Saturday 19th May as I really wanted to start concentrating on my eating habits. As I have said before I am just doing one thing at a time so I can eliminate the overwhelming feeling you get when start a new diet and exercise plan.

If you would like more details on Barefoot Coconut please check out Rebecca's website: http://www.barefootcoconut.co.uk/
Firstly the word “diet” is not a very positive word to use as it immediately makes me feel under pressure and cries out “lack of food” so I am changing my mind set and following in the footsteps of others by saying I am “Eating Clean” that sounds much better and very healthy!

What is “Eating Clean”?

Eating clean basically is eating foods that nature intended us to eat back in Caveman days, no processed foods, just simple natural ingredients.  Some people call it “Paleo eating”.

When you start any eating plan from scratch it is very easy to feel overwhelmed, you are trying to absorb all the information about foods to eat and avoid but also what nutrients or supplements to make sure you are getting enough of. For me knowing the science behind food is a must, I do have a methodical mind which needs lots of information hence I often ask stupid questions for example, what are Legumes? Rebecca from Barefoot Coconut kept mentioning Legumes and I sat there thinking what the hell are they? Have I missed out on something great to eat? Legumes are also known as pulses – kidney beans, baked beans, chick-peas, soy beans etc doh!

If I can understand how the body digest foods it gives me a greater appreciation of how bad processed foods are for us. To me it is as simple as – the more toxins you plough into your body, the harder the body has to work on fighting them rather than efficiently looking after the rest of it! I see eating processed foods rather like having a petrol car and putting diesel in it. I am totally guilty of eating processed foods such as microwave meals and McDonald's so I knew I was in for a shock when I started to withdraw them.

Baby Steps & Bananas

Rather than do everything that I had learnt at once I decided to break it down into "Baby Steps".

My first change was to eliminate wheat and sugar from my eating regime.

This is much harder than it sounds as when you start to read food labels you realise how these ingredients are in nearly EVERYTHING! The main thing I struggle with are ideas of what to eat for breakfast which are wheat and sugar free as I usually have cereal, toast or a cereal bar. Now when I say no sugar I mean no added sugar as I am still eating fruit but not in huge quantities. In the Barefoot Coconut recipe book I found a recipe for banana pancakes which is basically 3 eggs mixed with a banana and cinnamon to taste, fry it in a little coconut oil and there you have it something chunky to eat in the morning which not only tastes nice but is really filling. You may have to practice as I burnt my first two pancakes I ever made but now I have mastered them!

At lunchtimes I am eating salads with meat, fish or eggs and then I add seeds, nuts (especially pine nuts - love them) and pickles to give the dish variety. I am very lucky at work as we have a subsidised restaurant so we have a lot of choice. If I have a cooked lunch it will be chicken with loads of vegetables. Potatoes are not off the menu but I just don't have as many as I used to but if I want one or two I will have them. Afternoon snacks are nuts, carrots, celery or some Greek yogurt with a bit of fruit like blueberries or raspberries and then a little sprinkle of cinnamon. That is a little secret weapon - CINNAMON or any other sweet spice that you like - it can turn a sour dish sweet without adding any sugar!

Dinner tends to be similar to lunch but I am eating a lot of fish at home. I cooked a nice dish the other night, I chopped up red onion, peppers and cherry tomatoes and pan fried them in a little oil, I added the mackerel chopped up and mixed together, the last thing I chucked in the pan was loads of spinach and some pine nuts - it was lovely.

The one thing I have noticed after 12 days of eating clean is that I feel like i have so much more energy and I defiantly do not feel in the slightest bit bloated. It was hard with the sugar withdrawal at first but after a few days it subsides, don't forget I still have fruit so that is the substitute.

The other change I added was to drink more water. WATER WATER WATER. The more you drink the more the body works efficiently, its like putting oil in a car! I go to bed with a pint of water and drink it all when once I have woken up and and are walking around getting dressed. This is great for hydrating the body and brain after hours of sleep.

So far that is all I have changed, I do have some other things planned but I am doing this slowly so that it becomes a permanent part of my life. When you have been on as many diets as I have you eventually come to the conclusion that it is only ever yourself you constantly disappoint and damage. If you are really serious about changing then you have to put the work in, but that work can be done slowly and in steps which are totally achievable.
I believe it is better to make small changes than none at all! Who said everything has to be done at once?


  1. I love reading your blog but I'm dying to know your weight loss/inches!

    1. Thank you so much - the stats are coming!! x

  2. Hey you.....just a tip: 2 eggs are a portion size!! 3 eggs have almost 15g of fat!! so try this (I eat them all the time)
    1/4 cup oats (ground)
    1-2 Tbsp. cottage cheese (no fat)
    1 egg white (sometimes I use 2)
    cinnomon + a little stevia!
    30g protein powder (but you can skip this item, just watch out on the consistency, it should be a little thicker than regular pancake mix)
    PS. I am sure you know to use the blender/mixing wand to make this, lol.

    substitute that 1 egg for some cottage cheese.....the egg yolks will kill you in the long run. I also suggest Omlets, I just bought a mini mini pan which works perfect, oatmeal/porrige is also an alternative. Buy some vanilla or maple extract and add a few drops to your oatmeal! yum yum

    keep up the good work! We all fall off the wagon! I did too, and am now getting back on track again!
    xoxo Giggles