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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The G.B.U - CROSSFIT 9th, 10th & 12th May 2012 -

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


I did 3 CrossFit classes last week and survived! Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I had missed one from the week before so rather than miss out Andy kindly allowed me to catch up with an extra one. It hurt but it was worth it, the first time in ages I glammed up and went to a party Saturday night feeling good, things are beginning to tighten and my energy levels are still high.

Wednesday 9th May

Out of all the workouts I have done this had to be the shortest of all. 5.58mins to be exact. Its hard to get your head around the fact I only did 6 mins of exercise but again it is so intense that its like doing 20 mins of exercise. Today was only two exercises but they had to be repeated in a sequence of 15-12-9, so we would do 15 deadlifts and 15 over the bar burpees, then 12 of each, then 9 of each so in total 36 deadlifts and 36 burpees. I was following the pace of the guy in front and when it got to my 9's I lost count and think I may have left some out - easy to do when you are knackered!

Thursday 10th May

Aching from the day before especially my pecs and  triceps I turned up for more punishment (I love it really). This one I found tough although I really feel I am getting so much stronger on the rower which helps! I still have not jumped a box since a week ago but its something I still need to work on so again Andy scaled the box jumps for me to step ups. I am working on my flexibility in order to jump the box so watch this space. Today was 3 exercises but we had to do 5 rounds of them so in total I rowed 2000m 50 push press and 50 box jumps! I also had healthy competition today which made my butt move faster! Good job overall. All the above in 17m 55 seconds!

I love Saturdays at the box, everyone is fresh and in a good mood as its the start of the weekend, we also tend to do a team exercise as well which is an extra motivator. There were two events today, we were spilt into two teams of 4 and each team had to decide which of the 4 listed exercises we each were going to do, I opted for the row whilst the guys in my team mastered the rest. This meant once I had completed my rowing I had a chance to breathe.

Event 2 was not on the board at the time so I thought that was it (wishful thinking) and even joked to a newcomer that its not that bad! lol Event 2's exercises were spilt between us all but I am afraid to say I could not do the push press as the weight was too heavy for me, the guys gave me a helping hand but I opted saved my energy for my 200m run - does not sound much but when you have my boobs running is problem, my moto is slowly but surely! Only the team that came in first had to do the sled - which was not us! Another great session and set me up for the weekend!


My diet is “the bad” I just can’t quite get to grips with it, I am at 60% good, 10% fair and 30% bad. The good is always whilst at work as we have a restaurant with a healthy salad bar which makes it easy as we have choices. I found a great new treat rice cake (see pic below) they are only 57 calories a pop and really are nice but when you know they are low it’s easy to eat 4! Also our catering staff have been making these Granola Pots (see pic below) honey at the bottom and then a mix of low fat natural yogurt and Greek yogurt then granola on the top –apparently they are good for you they are so nice but its feels naughty eating them! I have one for breakfast about 3 times a week or sometimes in the afternoon. Carbs are still taking centre stage in my life, everything is still served with rice, pasta, bread or potatoes, don’t get me wrong I know we need carbs especially when working out but I know 100% I eat too many!

I drank enough Saturday night to fuel a jet, I have never been a glass a night/week drinker I make up for it when I do get the night off and go out, we attended a wonderful wedding reception at a venue where I missed brushing shoulders with Brad and Angelina, Russell Crowe and the Royal brothers – never mind its only 10 mins from my house so a lunch visit is in order!

The influence of alcohol always plays havoc with my willpower as the buffet table seemed to move towards me not the other way round, miniature fish & chips, miniature burgers they all looked so cute I had to eat them! So Sunday morning arrived with an over bloated stomach and a mouth as dry as Gandhi's flip flop, it took until 12pm to feel anything close to normal. One English breakfast, 2 hour snooze and chicken fajitas for dinner later and I am back to myself again but the intoxication of alcohol and processed carbs left their mark.

That’s the good thing about being realistic and human, we all have bad moments but it’s how we overcome them that counts. Monday is here and I am back on drinking 2 litres of water and a healthy lunch, the weekend’s over indulgences are behind me now! Forget them and move on!

Really can’t wait for the nutritional workshop Saturday 19th May to refresh my knowledge and learn something new!


Was me on Sunday morning. Simple.


This week I plan to drink lots of water, have lots of salads, attend 2 crossfit sessions and try and get some running in on my treadmill at home as my younger cousin wants to do a 5k charity run with me in June so I need to show her I still have it! Although I find running with big boobs is the equivalent of a man running with elephantitus in his groin area, everything seems to wobble these days even my love handles have their own pace!

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