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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

CROSSFIT - 5th May 2012 Hardest session so far!

It’s been a long week. Apologies for being quiet – If you know me well you will know I am never quiet!

I only managed to get one CrossFit class in last week as Wednesday night I attended a birthday meal at a curry house and ended up not feeling too good the next day. Note to self: must start to sort my diet out. Up until now I did not want to add anymore pressure, historically I have always tried to do everything in one go – start a new diet the day I start a new gym but then what happens? I don’t get to the gym, feel miserable and then eat a huge chelsea bun (they are nice though).  So I am doing things differently this time as I want to break my past habits and succeed! One thing at a time (baby steps – remember). So in preparation for this dietary change I have booked myself in with my CrossFit club who are hosting a visit from Rebecca Hughes who is a wellness coach, apparently she is big on eating simple, clean and lots of – so already I like her for the “lots of” bit! She is also a crossfitter so she understands the nutrition needed to fuel the body correctly when training. The session is booked in for Saturday 19th May between 11-2 so I will keep you all posted! In the meantime she runs this website if you would like a peek www.barefootcoconut.co.uk. I am excited about this session!

Saturday 5th May

Well……..I can honestly say that this session was the hardest by far!

I arrived in good spirits to see approx 12 of us (CrossFitters to outsiders -smug moment J) and a couple of new faces to me but they had been with the Camberley box for a while. The WOD (workout of the day) was set and we were split into two teams of 6. The WOD was row 10,000m and then complete as many reps as possible on the following: air squats, the plank, deadlifts, burpees and dips. Don't forget this was all to come after the warm up (see writing in red on picture). When I originally saw 10,000m I thought Jesus there is no way I could row that on my own especially if he wanted to close that night - can you imagine me in the dark rowing through the night until Andy turned up the next morning?

I am so glad we don't have captains that have to pick teams, do you remember those days at school where you were the last one to be picked? oh you don't, must have just been me then! Saying that if they were picking for the Shotput trials I was number 1 all the way! I used to think that if I wanted a body like a certain person at school I should follow the same sport they do for example the gymnasts were always quite short but had great muscly legs and amazingly toned stomachs, the long jumpers and runners had the long legs and the shot putters looked just like me! No, not really I was not too bad at school, although at the time I thought I was but didn't we all?

So we proceed to the workout which would end once we had rowed 10,000m as a team (phew) little did I know at that point how long that would take. In turn we had to row 500m each at a time but someone had to be rowing the whole duration of the workout (so no rowing breaks). Usually our workouts vary between 16-20 mins but not this one, as I was struggling with moving from exercise to exercise I looked up at the clock to see 21:05 and then I swear I heard a voice shout "keep it up you are half way there" half way there? OMG I was knackered already and was not sure I had much left in the tank. By 30 mins the fruit and fibre I had for breakfast was beginning to work its way back up from the stomach. To be honest by 39 mins I had to get water I really felt dizzy (by the way you can get water at anytime I just chose to keep going). The last few minutes saw a race between teams and the good news was that we WON!! woo hoo I was on a winning team again (I could get used to this) in total it was a 45 min WOD which is going to sound like nothing to some of you who do an hour of aerobics on a regular basis but its not the same. If I had to compare the energy required to complete a session of CrossFit it would be like cramming your 60 aerobic workout into 10 mins.

I felt proud that I had held on until the end but I promise you I felt shattered, when I pulled into my drive after the workout I actually wondered if I had the energy to get out of the car. After approx 30 mins of the workout I experienced something not very nice, I started seeing blotches in my vision which then lead to what I can only describe as kaleidoscope patterns which very quickly expanded taking up the whole of my sight. I have had this once before so I knew not to panic but instead I grabbed my bottle of water, laid down on the sofa with a towel over my head for darkness and sipped water until it stopped. 45mins later I can see normally again but I had a hell of a migraine. To cut a long story short I had basically done 3 things wrong that morning, firstly my breakfast was not enough to provide the correct energy needed for that sort of workout, secondly I had not drunk enough water and lastly I ignored my body when it did tell me to slow down during the workout. My blood pressure had shot up and my hydration levels had gone down a lesson I do not wish to repeat.

It really taught me the importance of drinking plenty of water and also fuelling the body with the right foods before a workout - that's one of the reasons I am excited about the nutrition workshop. As they say, Knowledge is Power!

So although I only made one session, that session felt like a weeks worth anyway! I ached for 3 days after and had plank wounds on my forearms/elbows but I still loved every minute of it and think it is 100% worth the effort.

I can proudly say my black trousers are starting to get looser and I will be doing my stats soon to measure the difference!

If there is anyone out there brave enough to do a taster session of CrossFit then give me a shout! I promise it is addictive! J

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  1. Hey mate, good work this morning on the short and nasty WOD... Enjoy the nutrition workshop. I use myfitnesspal.com It's pretty simple and breaks everything down... plus there is an app for it on the iPhone so it's pretty easy to keep on to of.

    See you in the week.